Equine Wellness



The Masterson Method® releases muscle tension by using a very light level of touch. more

Equine Wellness

The Masterson Method is an integrated, multi-modality method of equine massage. It is a unique, interactive method of equine massage. more

Equine Wellness

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Holistic Horse

Enlist these powerful plant allies to fight anemia and create balance more

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Be prepared for treating heat stress in horses more

Equine Wellness

Camelina Oil


The type of oil you choose can have a significant impact on your horse’s health more

Equine Wellness

Coughing Horse

Paula deSilva

When your horse is coughing, focusing on the quality of the cough can help you determine the best way to bring balance. more

Equine Wellness

Horse in Field

Dr. Rhiannon Fenton

Have you ever wondered how your horse feels—emotionally? more

Equine Wellness

In warmer weather, it becomes crucial to support and maintain proper hydration, whether doing endurance training, events, trail rides, or standing in a field in hot weather. more

Equine Wellness

stacked hay


While your hay may be delivered in perfect condition, how you take care of your hay loft may determine the condition it's in when it reaches your horses' mouths.--Hay Loft Brought to You by Eastern Hay more

Equine Wellness

In-depth discussions of the equine digestive tract invariably mention pH, especially in reference to the stomach and hindgut. What is pH and how does it factor in the well-being of horses? more

, Equine Wellness

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