Fly Control: Pennies in Plastic Bags

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Penies in Plastic Bag LOL

This does not work period. I have tried it many many many times it ain't happening. What does werk is Mr. Sticky fly trap and a light dusting of D.E. Plus it helps to pick up the poop 2-3x aday. Put the D.E. on the poop in the bucket very light dusting. Flyies are gone in a hour. Use a flour sifter and use FOOD GRADE IS a MUST! I feed it wetted down in their AM/PM 1 oz daily and that help too!

Barb Blizzard-Henry more than 1 year ago

pennies in plastic bag

I have just seen this idea on facebook,I will try it but if as you say it dosent work, and I try your idea what the heck is D.E.?I read your comment and cant make any sense of it

Karen Melbourne 242 days ago

DE and fly control

DE is diatomaceous earth and it is available as food grade and for pool usage. Dust it over bedding and it will kill the fly larvae. 236 days ago

Feeding DE

The intestines of animals fed DE show scarring, and it's not effective at controlling internal parasites. It works on the manure and in the garden because the microscopic sharp edges shred the soft bodies and allow the critters to dehydrate. They don't dehydrate in the moist environment of the gut - but the delicate intestinal lining is badly injured and the villi are actually "killed". Please don't feed DE to your animals!

Robin McGee 166 days ago

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