Grass Glands: Similar to Strangles but Not as Serious

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Salivary Glands Enlarged

My horse not only gets enlarged salivary glands but all they way down to his chin (under his jaw) swells up massively. When it happens he is dopey and appears unwell. I think its more serious than made out to be in this article and while glands are swollen no horse should be asked to 'work'.

Amanda Martin 46 days ago

Glands enlarged

Our paint horse has a swollen gland and acts like her ears are bothering her. Doesn't appear to be the strangles. She has been out in pasture and eating grass/alfalfa hay at night. Should I be worried?

Vicki Hanks 98 days ago

glands enlarged

Hey, so in midmay, after two weeks on pasture, I noticed my mare had tender ears and swollen glands. Two weeks later, giant globs of white pus and mucus poured out of her nose. I called my vet, he didn't run.tests, highly suspected strangles and told me to.quarantine her. Long story short, the pus/mucous has quit, but her nose is still runny. No temp, no lethargy and always hungry. That doesn't say stranglez to me. I HIGHLY suspect the her field is.causing allergies.

Kate 92 days ago

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