5 Herbs to help build your horses Immunity

Georgette's picks of top herbs for your horse.

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My vet learned I was giving my mare Spirula and said she had a client giving algaetina horse and it seemed to cause liver issues.

Have you ever heard of this?

Thank youb

Rena Compton 162 days ago

equine mastitis

What would you d for treating is the herbal way? Ellie is in her early 20's and was a broodmare. We've been together for 11 years now. The mastitis started last summer and we had her treated by the vet both times. it seems to come on when she's in heat. We had no issues during her "off season." I'm thinking it's a hormonal imbalance. I've had her on garlic and stopped being affective like she became immune to it. I'm thinking of putting her back on it for the immunity factors. I have her on Seminole feeds: Leisure, Senior Wellness, Plantation All Grain 10 and beet pulp, along with a mixture of coconut oil, corn oil, and Cocsoya as a top dressing. What would you consider as another booster?

Dena 250 days ago

Herbal help for Mastitis in mares

If the mastitis is a result of hormonal imbalance, you could add chaste tree berry extract to her diet to help regulate her hormones. Hilton Herbs’ Vitex Gold product is a good source. Mastitis is often caused by a bacterial infection, so adding herbs and food sources rich in Vitamin E, A, C, B complex and Omega-3s are helpful for supporting her immune system: Dandelion, Alfalfa, Rosehips, and Flax Seeds are some to consider. Lastly, do note that coconut oil and soybean oil both are very high in Omega-6’s, which can be inflammatory and may counteract your mare’s ability to heal from the mastitis, so you may want to consider refraining from adding those oils while she is showing symptoms, and replacing with Flax Oil instead (high in Omega-3s, which are anti-inflammatory).
Melanie Falls
Whole Equine, LLC

HolisticHorse.com 185 days ago


I feed my horses Spirulina from www.springtimeinc. It does come in wafers, but I just grind it up in my Ninga and put it in a container. I started giving 1/4 oz and gradually built up to 3/4 oz a day. I top dress on Bermuda/alfalfa blend pellets and get them wet so it sticks, he has to eat it!!!

Michele more than 1 year ago

pssm & goopy eyes

Supposedly gelding has PSSM(tested n/n) and horribly goopy eyes, only in the morning

c monaghan more than 1 year ago

Help with EPM

Our horse has been diagnosed with EPM for the second time. What have you researched if anything could I do to help him naturally?

Susan Hart more than 1 year ago

epm treatment

My filly was just diagnosed with epm along w west Nile virus. My vet put her on oroquin-10. 3 days in she is showing no signs of neurological deficit.

Kaleena Lee Ohlson more than 1 year ago

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