Slow Feeding for Better Digestion

Slow feeding for better digestion.

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Slow Feeders

Not new wave...just letting the horses go back to the natural way of feeding! It took my partner and myself several months, and feeder designs (out of 55 gallon plastic barrels)--to achieve a 24 hour feeding schedule, with slow feeders. I have a total of 5 feeders now, 2 main feeders for the 24 hour rations of hay (timothy and bromegrass), and 3 side feeders. The 3 side feeders I move around daily, and each horse has the freedom to choose which one to get their alfalfa ration and supplements. The remaining 3rd side feeder gets scraps collected from sorting the hay. I work nights, and feeding once a day has proven very handy. I logged all my horses behaviors and changes that have happened over the last several months. No more food aggression, boardem activities (wood chewing, breaking boards, smashing gates, butting each other out of each other feeders....aggressively). I encourage anyone to do research on this and it might work for you. I had to do a diet for a hard keeper and easy keeper. The balancing act worked! Low Carb/Low Sugar hays and supplements. Calorie balanced for both horses needs. They are on a diet of Bromegrass & Timothy, 1/4 flake alfalfa, and 3 pounds of supplements--Purina Well-Solve, Nutrena Special Care, and Timothy Hay pellets. With winter coming on, I am sure I am going to have to tune things up a bit, but so how it goes :D Look on the net for slow feeder designs and how to graduate your horse to a 24 hour feeder and why. Keep in mind horses sleep for only about 2-4 hours a day, and eat 12-18--its how nature designed them. peace

angie peterson 1 day ago

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