Turmeric is a winning supplement for insulin resistance

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Older horse weight gain

Hi I'm looking to help my 28 year old have a healthy feeding everyday in addition to free pasture. He's underweight. I wonder about his gastrointestinal process also. Please, help with simple stuff. I'm so tired of following the wrong pathways/opinions :) Thank you!!

Mechelle 315 days ago

Older Horse weight gain

I would recommend speaking to a holistic veterinarian
Joyce Harman, DVM is a homeopath, Chiro and Acupuncturist http://harmanyequine.com/
so is Madalyn Ward http://holistichorsekeeping.com/

HolisticHorse.com 255 days ago


Will Turmeric help with low semen count in stallions ?

JOhan du Plessis 349 days ago

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