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Just found out my Paso Fino gelding has EPM and Lymes Disease. Any supportive therapies?

I just found out my Paso Fino gelding has EPM and Lymes disease. Do you know of any supportive therapies after he is finished with his medication. Any info would be helpful.

Renee' Miler 69 days ago


I'm sorry to hear about such a troublesome double diagnosis. Here's something I found out when my vet thought my horse may have EPM, -many people say to super boost the E vitamins, and vit. C for immune support. I was lucky my boy came out "zero", but I did learn about Yucca, Yucca has been found to have some anti-protozoa qualities, it's really worth reading about. Back On Track leg wraps have helped my horse, it is incredible actually. I bet the BOT mesh sheet would help comfort your horse.

BlackBayBeauty 38 days ago

Gravely Thin

26 yr old mare, happy, active, free choice lush pasture, soaked senior feed, several supplements, mineral block, free access to water, teeth done and wormed faithfully. She does not act sick by any means. Alert and playful.
Vet says pump that grain. Is there a test just to determine if the thyroid has an issue? Any suggestions or ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Andrea Perry 108 days ago

horses and goji berries

How do I find out if it's safe for horses to eat goji berries?

Jean Nesta-Berry 110 days ago

Print Distribution

Hello I am Inquiring about distributing a Australian print version of your magazine. Other than being a horse enthusiast, I have owned, operated newspapers and published magazines for the past 10 years. If you are interested could you please reply.
Kind regards

Cherry Jackson-Saw 132 days ago


Cherry, please contact me directly

Karen Tappenden 123 days ago

Sweet Itch

always looking for good information on sweet itch

Grace Rooney 133 days ago

Any way I can help my horse overcome feeling grief of the death of her companion

If you have a magazine that has an article about this, please send it to me. Years ago i watched a TV show with an animal communicator saying you need to tell the animal that lost a companion that they are not coming back. I have told my horse three times her friend is not coming back, she is still looking for her. My horse does have two other horses in the pasture with her, that she also gets along with. However, still was wondering if there is anything else I can do for her?

Clarisa Butler 147 days ago


Look to Homeopathy - Ignatia - British Homeopathic Association --- here are two Veterinary Homeopaths are Dr. Joyce Harman and Madelyn Ward DVM
And to an animal communicator such as Anita Curtis 146 days ago


I have an 8yr old gelding that our vet told us had cataracts when he was 6. Now with the latest wellness check the vet tells us the cataracts have progressed to about 30% in both eyes. She also told us nothing could be done. She says there are only 2 or 3 doctors in the US that can treat it and how expensive it would be to have surgery done by flying in a specialist. Is this completely acurate and are there other alternatives? We want do trail rides and just general rides, no competition stuff, just family. How will his sight begin to affect that.

Larry Prudhomme 153 days ago


Hello what do you think would work to help a horse with Shivers?

Mary Lou Pazik 159 days ago


Hi Mary Lou
Perhaps you would like to speak with an herbalist directly about the specifics on this. You can reach out to the Vet Botanical Med Assn (VBMA) to find on in your area or perhaps Andrea Baldwin could help you. I gave you her email address below.

Karen Tappenden 158 days ago

Wet or Dry Cough article

Is there a way to contac Andrea Baldwin with a question?

Sally Feuerberg 166 days ago

Contact Andrea

HI Sally, you can email me at

Andrea Baldwin 164 days ago

Herbs for epm

What are the herbs that will help with EPM

Sue steele 191 days ago

Swollen sheath won't retract

i have a 23 yr old grey horse with cancer. I rescued him about 2 yrs ago. He had bad teeth, bad feet and a belly full of sand. All corrected now. His cancer rumors are getting worse. One is almost the size of my fist. Smaller ones along his spine and neck. About 2 months ago he got a pulled edema under his belly along with a swollen sheath. Bute and exercise removed the problem. Within the last two week the swollen sheath came back and is so huge it won't retract. He's also dragging his hind feet. I put him back on Bute, cool water baths and am trying to get him to walk. Walking seems painful. Could this be cancer related? I live in Arizona. Our hot weather is here.

Sue Sallee 198 days ago

hawthorne for horses

I have a horse who suffers from shivers symptoms and I was told that Hawthorne might help him since part of this problem is poor circulation to the hind quarters. Which form of Hawthorne is best and how much should I feed him. He weighs about 1350 pounds.

Mary Grigsby 206 days ago

Donkey foal

I have a 2 month old donkey foal with a preliminary Dx of lymphoma looking to try some homeopathy for treatment.

Melanie Boozer 219 days ago

Donkey Foal

I would recommend Dr. Joyce Harman or Dr. Madalyn Ward for homeopathy
You can Google them for info or contact me directly

Karen Tappenden 206 days ago

Essential oils

Someone directed me to your website. I can't find essential oils for ticks, flies and mosquitos. Do you have any options for horses and essential oils that are good to keep bugs away?

Raina 285 days ago

essential oils

Sorry we do not sell products

Karen Tappenden 206 days ago

Meniscus Tear in Hind leg

My horse has a meniscus tear almost 7 months old and does not seem to be healing well..what herbs or essential oils can help this healing process 293 days ago


Read this article on our site

Karen Tappenden 206 days ago

Algee in the pond

I have a pond that has a lot of algee and I want to treat it with Mizzen - a copper based product. It states that that it is safe for fish and no swimming reatrictions. However my horse is in the pond a lot and I do not know if this is safe for him to be in the treated water ?

Danna Van Antwerp more than 1 year ago

Rescue of Ace from Camelot by Kristen Pierce

I am trying to locate an article written sometime around January 2011 by LA Pomeroy written about my daughter Kristen Pierce regarding her rescue horse Ace. Kristen raised funds to get Ace from Camelot by making chocolate horse lollipops and sold them to local business. At that time Kristen was a student in college here on Long Island.

sue pierce more than 1 year ago


You mean this article?

Karen Tappenden 206 days ago

Holistic Horse Magazine

Can I order back issues of Holistic Horse?

Mary more than 1 year ago

Back Issues

I have the last 4 issues only available $3.00 each

Karen more than 1 year ago


Can I use Pelargonium Graveolens essential oil instead of Pelargonium Capitatum x Radens for a tick repellant on dogs and horses?

Alita more than 1 year ago

Turmeric dosage

Hi, I wonder if you have dosage requirements for horses? There is a lot of information but never quantities. Thank you

Jeni more than 1 year ago



Shelly more than 1 year ago


What's the dosage for a 1000 lb. horse? Thank you.
"Coltsfoot leaves (Tussilago farfara) Known historically as the "cough plant," coltsfoot can have anti-inflammatory, anti-spasmodic and anti-catarrhal (eases inflammation of mucous membranes) properties and can be useful for respiratory tract disorders, particularly to relieve coughing".

Rosemary Trosper more than 1 year ago

Coltsfoot dosage and warning

The dosage for Coltsfoot is 1 teaspoon added to 8 oz of hot water, give twice daily. However, there are some cautions with coltsfoot now that may not have been known when this article was printed.

Look for the variety Tussilago farfara Wein, this coltsfoot plant has been cultivated to not have toxic PA's in it. PA's are pyrrolizidine alkaloids that can cause liver disease. If you cannot find this variety do not use Coltsfoots for more than 26 days.

Coltsfoot is cool and moist so will work best if your horse has a dry cough, with little to no mucous. Hope this helps! more than 1 year ago

Flea control

I was told you have a natural flea control product...I'm not seeing it on here. Could you please let me know what it is and how to buy it?..thank you...

Courtney more than 1 year ago


Hi Shirley
My horses graze freely most of the time on grasses, fresh oats and herbs and weeds growing on our farm.
After our last rain I was surpriced at the amount of woodsorrel that came up. One of our paddocs probibly consists of 60% of it with a few grasses, weeds and fennel in between. Im a bit conserned about the amount they get in. Apparantly to much can be toxic and could cause kidney problems. I watched them while grazing and they dont realy eat it, but while looking for the other plants they do get some in.
I was just wondering, will they actually consume to much or will they be wise enough to know they should avoid it?
And do you maybe know how much could become problematic?

Thank you
Kind regards

ilana more than 1 year ago

Equine mare uterus infection resistant to all antibiotics

I have a mare that has a pseudomonas infection in her uterus that has become resistant to all antibiotics. Is colloinal Silver or any other holistic treatment recommended?

Maria Mandina more than 1 year ago

Antibiotic Resistance

Yes, it will take a lot more than that, at this stage, Chinese herbs and/or homeopathics well prescribed. Might even need some herbs infused directly, depends on how bad (but might be hard to get a vet to do it). Probably immune supplementation since she has had lots of antibiotics and her immune function is down.

Joyce Harman DVM, MRCVS
Harmany Equine Clinic, Ltd.
Appts only 540-229-1855 more than 1 year ago


colloidal silver is very effective on pseudomonas!!!

sabrina 344 days ago

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