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Seedy-toe and white line disease (WLD) are simply different names describing similar infections. Seedy toe and WLD look the same and involve the same opportunistic fungal and bacterial invaders. more »

, Hoof Care

Figure 4:

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Thrush, a foul-smelling black pus, can sometimes be found in the horse's hoof. Monique Craig of the Epona Institute, writes on how to diagnose thrush, how to treat it and how to avoid it. more »

Hoof Care

WHAT IS LAMINITIS? Laminitis is inflammation of the coriums. In a healthy hoof the hoof wall is tightly attached to the bone inside. The bone and hoof wall both have structures call laminae attached to them and ... more »

Hoof Care

How to protect the horse's hoof during cold temperatures. more »

Hoof Care

The importance of healthy sole especially in case of laminitis. Hoof care expert Dave Duckett gives good advices. more »

Hoof Care

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