Welcome, BB, Our First Equine Blogger!

BB is a horse that communicates with his owner Animal Communicator, Anita Curtis.

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Help with 18year old Clyde/App mare

Hi BB.....for soooo many years I have wanted to just get up on my favorite girl "Journey" and ride around...trails...anything...yet we never get out of the round pen....last time we tried...my mare only wanted to run top speed and buck....I am to damaged back wise to take those anymore....how can I ask her or know why we cannot just go out and enjoy what time we have left before its tooooo late!

lori douglas more than 1 year ago

my dog Mo

Dear BB--you have a gorgeous face!! I want to write to you. My dog, Mo, hates me to leave him so much that he has chewed up the house in the past. So I have to put him and Stella in a large pen in my basement. Pillows, water, treats. But he does not care--he shakes when I put him (them) in. What can I do? He's a 14 yr old Plotthound. I love him so much!

kathryn ehlers more than 1 year ago

Fleas, insects - protecting horses and people THANKS!

A friend got her first horse and need to all the NEEDS she should have for caring for him. Is there a recipe for a large container spray for insects, fleas? Since there are little kids visiting, I'm sure any advice on protecting the home front from insects, snakes etc.

Bridget Burton more than 1 year ago

BB,my dog Mr. Suave,trinkles where he pleases.

Anita told me about you,and you seem to live up to the rep you have. My dog Mr. Suave,adopted last summer,he still has a tendancy to tinkle where he pleases. I know,from Anita,that things were not easy for him before me,but I want to reach him and get him to behave a bit. Hes a wonderful boy and I want all of us happy. Advice? My best to Anita,and you.

steve wilson more than 2 years ago

Love it!

Anita, your presentations are wonderful, as always! My own main writing partner, Sophie the Tortoise Shell Cat, and I got both a Horse laugh, and a warming in our hearts to hear you, both. Thanks!

Winterhawk more than 2 years ago

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