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Magnetic Saddle Pad

Dear HH,

I was happy to see a picture of our popular saddle pad in the article about therapeutic saddle pads, but I was disappointed that our name was not mentioned. Our magnetic UnderPad is very popular and durable, helping many horses stretch and extend their gaits and helping with sore backs. Some people who swear by our UnderPad and its durability are:

- Jim Kolford, Dressage

- Kathy Rowse, USDF Bronze, Silver and Gold Medalist, USEF "S" Dressage Judge, FEI Trainer / Rider / Instructor.

- Barbara Wiefelstede, USAEQ ‘R’ Dressage Judge, Instructor & Trainer: “...without exception, all horses relaxed more in their backs when using the UnderPad.”

- Molly Layfield, Licensed Physical Therapist.

[e-mail from]

Paulette, Equine Magnetic Therapy, Inc

800-731-8463, www.equinemagnetic.com

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