Horses as Teachers book released

Horse as Teacher: The Path to Authenticity with Horses - In this compilation, ten extraordinary and unique professional women share powerful, funny, heartwarming, and poignant stories about how horses have transformed their lives - and the lives of their clients.


Horses have the capacity to teach us key life lessons. To experience this higher level of connection and communication, humans must accept the horse as a partner and be open and willing to receive their wisdom. 


Contributing Authors:

Anna Twinney

An internationally respected natural horsemanship clinician, animal communicator, and Reiki Master, Anna has been featured on television, writes for national and international magazines, and is the creator of the "Reach Out to Natural Horsemanship" DVD series. Formerly the Monty Roberts Learning Center's head instructor, Anna teaches people how to create genuine, trust-based partnerships with their horses.


Lisa Dee

Lisa Dee is the creator and guide of the Equist™ process. Her ranch, Vista Caballo, is an exclusive equine experiential center based in Dove Creek, Colorado, dedicated to self-awareness, the development of human potential, and personal growth. Her work with horse medicine for humans is deeply transformative and healing at a cellular level. She creates completely unique, custom-designed experiences resulting in profound healing, clarity, and growth.


Wendy Golding

Wendy Golding, founder of Horse Spirit Connections, promotes transformation through personal development and corporate leadership, with the horse as teacher. Passionate about horses, Wendy enjoys weaving together her continually expanding connection with horses and her shamanic spiritual path. An Epona Approach Instructor, she is the co-owner of a multi-million dollar service company in Toronto, Canada.


Karen Head

Karen Head, the founder and director of Equinection, has been loving and working with horses since she was five. As an Advanced Epona Approach Facilitator, she has worked with hundreds of people across the US and Canada, guiding them toward authentic living. She holds a master's degree in Creative Arts Education from Rutgers University.


Holli Lyons

Holli Lyons lives in the foothills of the Coast Range in Northwestern Oregon, offering workshops, individual sessions, and intensives in Equine Facilitated Experiential Learning and Coaching.  After spending over 25 years in the high tech industry, she is now a full-time Advanced Epona Instructor and Centered Riding Instructor. "Melding body awareness, shamanic principles and love of nature to inspire & co-create personal excellence."


Stormy May

Stormy May, founder of Stormy May Productions, promotes harmonious relationships between horses and their humans through her educational videos, workshops, and other related services. A former horse trainer, riding instructor, and competition judge, she is the producer of the highly acclaimed documentary DVD, The Path of the Horse.


Mary Beth Meyers

Mary Beth Meyers is the mind inside Harmonic Riding & Equine Integral Movement™ (HREIM). Through her five decades of work with horses, supported by research in physiology, behavior, and quantum mechanics of healing, horse owners learn to change their horses' behaviors and biomechanics. Mary Beth's work helps horses and their owners become physically and energetically released from the past to be fully in the present in joy.


Melisa Pearce

Inspired by her lifelong relationship with horses and a background in Psychotherapy, Melisa Pearce, CEO of Touched By a Horse, Inc., has been an innovator of Horse Human Experiential work for over 25 years. Her books, lectures, and events have earned her the Best Spiritual Retreat Award (5280 Magazine, Denver 2006) and The Top 50 Most Influential Horsewomen Award (Horse South Magazine 2008).


Kathy Pike

Kathy Pike is the founder of the Mind Body Method (MBM), a published author, life coach of eight years, and an Epona Approved Instructor. Her current book, Hope From the Heart of Horses, is available. Kathy travels nationally and internationally, coaching individuals to raise their consciousness and deepen relationships through working with horses.


Susan Williams

Recognized nationally and internationally as a digital camera expert, Susan's evocative fine art equine photography portrays the magical essence and intimate moments of horses. After attending the International Center for Photography in New York, she taught programs for Olympus America. Collectors across the country seek her award-winning images of horses to grace their homes and businesses.


Cover Photo and Design by International Equine Photographer Tony Stromberg


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