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A product profile about an equine supplement Equitek more »

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Healing Touch for Animals

Rick Giase

When a horse’s energy system is off balance, the energy that usually flows through his body becomes congested. Any type of stress, whether physical or mental causes this congestion. more »

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Horse working at summer camp

Andrea de Carlo

As the spring days grow longer the promise of a fun-filled summer begins to blossom as parents start their search for the perfect camp. more »

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Tallgrass Animal Acupressure Institue

Muscle soreness is a fact of life. Inflamed muscles may result from exercise, ill-fitting tack, improper shoeing, and bad riding techniques, individually or in combination. more »

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Horse Therapy

Felisa Holmberg

Now, much like yoga, reiki and other self-discovering modalities, a variety of equine learning programs are re-emerging as a way to reconnect with our inner selves relax, and find a path to self-enrichment. more »

Equine Wellness

Producer of Medicine Horse

Jennifer Esperanz

“Horses have an unusual ability to help us slow down, connect and explore the mythological place of higher consciousness.” more »


The concept of slow feeding employs a continuous feeding method that allows your horse to constantly forage, thereby stimulating his digestive system and his mind more »

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Karen Schell

Canker is a fairly rare and mysterious infection that affects the frog, heel and underlying structures of the hoof. It is generally described as a degenerative dermatitis whereby the lamella becomes swollen, soft and spongy, resembling rotten caulif more »

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Lyne Glazer Phillips

A slow feeder system provides constant foraging, reducing stress and allowing the intestinal bacteria to remain balanced, therefore reducing the likelihood of colic or loose stools. more »

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Holistic Veterinary

Holistic horse

Integrative Medicine takes a more holistic approach to animal disorders than the present medical model that focuses mainly on neutraceutical solutions. more »

Equine Wellness

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