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Horses can thrive on a whole food diet. more »

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Dr.Gray explains the reasons why right doses of supplements could help our horse's health and help avoid colic more »

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A novel approach to managing a challenging form of equine colic could save the lives of many horses and also save horse owners the cost and uncertainty of major surgery, say University of Florida veterinary researchers. more »

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Gas colic is when gas builds up anywhere in the horse's gastrointestinal tract. Causing factors can be stress, inadequate access to roughage, or rich pasture grass, poor parasite management , and other unknown factors. more »

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Dear HH: Many thanks for the info on papaya (my new best friend). My story goes like this: One of my horses colicked in November. We had a 60 degree day followed by a 30 degree big wind evening. My horse was down the next morning. We couldn't save hi more »

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Some horses do not show any overt signs of having them, while others show signs, but do not have ulcers. more »

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