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Product name changes highlight their applications and usage. Zephyr’s Garden, a Uckele company, has renamed several of its topical herbal formulas. more »

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Horse in Field

Dr. Rhiannon Fenton

Have you ever wondered how your horse feels—emotionally? more »

Equine Wellness

Horse Grazing

Holistic Horse. Inc

The disease—abbreviated MND—is thought to be linked to vitamin E deficiency, and possibly to have a link to difficulty in absorbing vitamin E, as well as being linked to genetics, environment, management, and diet. more »



LA Pomeroy

Evidence suggests horses are among the handful of non-human animals capable of distinguishing between positive and negative human facial cues This study is one of the first to present such evidence. more »


Neuro Emotional Technique May Offer a Solution for Hard-to-Diagnose Maladies more »



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Muscle atrophy is the gradual loss of muscle. There are two causes: the first is a lack of physical activity and can be reversed with exercise and better nutrition. Many horses kept in stalls develop atrophy because of lack of sufficient exercise more »


Lack of Gluteal Muscle

M Simonds

Exercises for Correcting Sacral & Hind End Weakness in your horse. more »

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Jaguar Animal Health

Results of Initial Study Show that Jaguar's Equine Product Candidate for Treatment of Gastric Ulcers May Offer Horse Owners an Additional Advantage in the Competition Horse World. more »

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Monique Craig

Thrush, a foul-smelling black pus, can sometimes be found in the horse's hoof. Monique Craig of the Epona Institute, writes on how to diagnose thrush, how to treat it and how to avoid it. more »

Hoof Care

Kissing Spine is an often misdiagnosed equine disorder affecting the horse's back and ability to perform. more »

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Good Teeth

Jennifer Malott Kotylo

Equine performance (or human performance for that matter) is dependent on a properly functioning body. more »

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A study published in the Journal of Equine Veterinary Science has found a link between Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) and a decrease in muscle hypertonicity in older horses more »


Massage therapy on a horse

Holistic Horse

What is the “right” insurance policy and premium level for your equine massage business? more »


Chlorella is a single-celled freshwater green micro-algae, containing abundant chlorophyll, as well as essential amino acids, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, protein and antioxidants. more »

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Karen Tappenden

Senior Horse Challenge quiz, designed to help horse owners recognize changes that may impact the health of their elderly equines. more »

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Helpful rehabilitation training case with a frightened and angry 5 year old Paint/Arab cross. more »


leg massage

Lisa Carter

Naturally detoxify and support the equine immune system more »


How horses helped a little girl find happiness during her battle with cancer more »

Equine Wellness

Patient with Navicular Syndrome

Joanna Robson, DVM

Infrared waves that detect heat and inflammation can aid the assessment of a variety of equine health screenings more »

Equine Wellness

At Horsemen's Laboratory we often receive requests from clients for a routine deworming schedule. Owners and barn managers are looking for answers. Here's where we can start. more »

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