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Fenugreek is an herb that can be given to horses and it is a hard-working anti-inflammatory with a myriad of benefits. more

Equine Wellness 3 Comments

Gloria provides acupuncture consultations and herbal formulas for veterinarians, horse trainers and owner. more

Equine Wellness

Located in a horse’s throatlatch area below the larynx, the thyroid’s job is to produce thyroid hormone, which is needed by every cell in the body and regulates everything from metabolic processes to organ function. more

Equine Wellness

The feeder who suggested that you should grain the horse and then ride it is mistaken: It is not good for horses to be given grain before a workout of any kind. Don't give your horse grain just before you ride more

Equine Wellness 1 Comments

Cold weather creates even more reasons to be vigilant about horse care more

Equine Wellness

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