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Enlist these powerful plant allies to fight anemia and create balance more »

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Fenugreek is an herb that can be given to horses and it is a hard-working anti-inflammatory with a myriad of benefits. more »

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Hilary is a Medical herbalist and a member responsible for the companies formulations and for the clinical research into the use of hers for animals. more »

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Spring is time for Mares to come into season, speaking with Hilary Self on herbs to help them through this stressful time. more »

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Corn Flower

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Herbal medicine is steeped in history. Compare the organic development of herbal lore to the thinking behind the scientific model, which is based on the dominator cultural paradigm. Medical science is determined to try to find the absolute fixed answ more »

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Environmentally-friendly option also beautifies your barn more »

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“Swollen Leg Syndrome” is frustrating, but can be managed successfully. more »

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Vitamin C prevents oxidative damage to your horse’s tissues and organs. In other words, it is an antioxidant. As horses gets up in years, they are less able to manufacture vitamin C. more »

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Zephyr's Garden

Zephyr's Garden

Zephyr’s Garden Anti-Fungal Salve is tough on fungal and bacterial infections, gentle on the skin, and smells as natural as the twelve different herbs it’s created with. more »

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