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Seedy-toe and white line disease (WLD) are simply different names describing similar infections. Seedy toe and WLD look the same and involve the same opportunistic fungal and bacterial invaders. more »

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Monique Craig

Thrush, a foul-smelling black pus, can sometimes be found in the horse's hoof. Monique Craig of the Epona Institute, writes on how to diagnose thrush, how to treat it and how to avoid it. more »

Hoof Care

From horse-keeping to hoof care, vaccines to worming, Part II in the series of Simple Yet Healthy Horse-keeping is the completion of my horse stewardship that has made having horses far more affordable. more »

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An Alternative horse shoe, overall, Razer horseshoes and Propads offer a sound solution for equipping your trail horse. more »

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White line disease is actually a misnomer, as it occurs exclusively within the inner third of the hoof wall itself and not the white line tissue. more »

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Sidebone can be of great concern where major limb conformational deformities exist. Such asymmetrical conformations prove to be the most stressful. more »

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From the casual rider to the seasoned veterinarian, there’s information for every horse-lover in this new book on the horse’s hoof. more »

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How to protect the horse's hoof during cold temperatures. more »

Hoof Care

While researchers continue to learn more about the causes of laminitis, it is still often difficult to pinpoint the cause in individual cases. more »

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Lack of heel support and shoes that are too small are widespread in all breeds and disciplines. more »

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Proper heel support is essential to a healthy hoof, a sound horse and good performance.  It is especially important for hunters, jumpers, horses with long pasterns and those who genetically have low heels. more »

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All about protection of the hoof once you remove shoes. more »

Hoof Care

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