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Patient with Navicular Syndrome

Joanna Robson, DVM

Infrared waves that detect heat and inflammation can aid the assessment of a variety of equine health screenings more »

Equine Wellness

Radio interview with Frank Lyman President and COO of Cytowave a non-invasive and medicine-free treatment for horses. more »

Equine Wellness



“Equine Positional Release uses relaxation and positioning for mobility and looseness...affecting muscle memory and benefiting mental focus, providing a longer-acting release for the horse. more »

In the Field

The Cytowave treatment gives horse owners the ability to naturally heal lesions, and the capability to strengthen soft tissue fibers to prevent future damage. more »

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Holistic Horse Inc

Horses are emotional and sensitive creatures who rely on their strong social bonds for safety. Having an understanding of what your horse’s life would be like if you were not around gives you, the human, the first step towards predicting and preventi more »

Equine Wellness

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