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Awareness Part 3

Karen Wegehenkel

Free Up Tension and Emotions to Ride and Live Your Best more »

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Lameness exam

Holistic Horse Inc.

You may have kept fit throughout the winter on the ski slopes or at the gym but what about your horse? more »

In the Field

Horses are extremely sensitive, subtle, and gentle beings. Yet, most of the time, when we want them to do something, we ask in a big and harsh way. Improve your relationship, and have your horse happily do what you ask, with seemingly invisible tools more »

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Rider Horsemanship

Caroline Rider walks you through prep work to ride bitless more »

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Caroline Rider has training tips for a safe and happy riding experience. more »


Unique training tool can help your horse’s self-confidence and improve movement. more »

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Horse Agility.JPG

Holistic Horse

Horse Agility is a new equine sport that supports these concepts. It is an ideal sport for those who do not ride horses, but enjoy working with them more »

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