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Environmental tips for parasite management more

Equine Wellness

A successful ramp-up of activity in the spring will be determined by your horse’s hoof health over the coming months. Take action now to get feet in tip-top shape, and keep them healthy for your horse’s lifetime. more

Hoof Care

Are you curious about infrared, laser , ceramic fabric, and magnetic therapies? more



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Pigeon fever, while not necessarily life-threatening, is highly contagious. Once introduced into the environment, the hardy bacterium that causes it is difficult to eliminate, resulting in unpredictable future outbreaks. more

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Located in a horse’s throatlatch area below the larynx, the thyroid’s job is to produce thyroid hormone, which is needed by every cell in the body and regulates everything from metabolic processes to organ function. more

Equine Wellness

Deworming is still necessary, but understanding how parasite resistance develops, and the latest guidance on equine parasite management, can guide you in making safe and effective choices for your horse more

Equine Wellness

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One California-based equine rescue facility is helping economically challenged horse owners with a new approach to end-of-life issues more

Equine Wellness

Older horses are like puzzles; many aspects of their care require careful observation and sleuthing more

Equine Wellness

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