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Horse Roaming on a reclaimed surface mine on Knott County, KY

(Photo: Courtesy Kentucky Humane Society)

The Kentucky Humane Society this spring will launch a series of free gelding or castration clinics in hopes of keeping the population of free-roaming Appalachian herds in check. more

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Wild Horse Diemma

Bonnie U. Gruenberg

Frustrated by the lack of solid information about the barrier-island herds of the East Coast, Bonnie Gruenberg, a healthcare professional and lifelong equestrian, seeks to tell the objective story in her latest book. more

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The history of wild horses studied by Karen Sussman and Mary Ann Simonds. more

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A horse knows “to be weak is to die.” So how do we help horses hiding the hurt? more

Equine Wellness

The Importance of Preserving Wild Horse Culture more

Equine Wellness

wild ponies


Two very different approaches to herd control. more

Equine Wellness 1 Comments


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