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A law was passed in California making it legal to swap and collect seeds in con-commercial libraries. more

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Banixx Horse & Pet Care to offer free veterinary consultations, provided by Dr. Richard Porter more

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Horses Healing Hearts announces a new scholarship for current and future participants more

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Agenda and list of speakers announced for the Homes for Horses Coalition conference more

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  • Allergies

    I have a horse that displays asmatha like symptoms, lethargic and breathing hard once asked to cant

    Catherine Mullarkey | Equine Colic and Homeopathy

  • Can you recommend a supplement that can help my horse with hives?

    TaniMcBain | How to Reach Us

  • In my experience at a horse rescue I have seen 2 ex jumpers that formally had wedge shoes. One is n

    Cassidy | Wedge Pad Principles

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