Saddle Fit and Industry Education has become a buzzword, but it is nonetheless a significant concept – especially in our industry, which is still largely unregulated and so inherently dangerous that this situation boggles the mind. more


Stretching with Horse


Stretching is an important component of "The Rider's Fitness Program" because riding and even walking with your horse can put intense pressure on your hips, buttock and lower back. more



Ask Holistic Horse

Animals also have the extra barrier to help keep impurities, bacteria, etc., from penetrating the skin. This can also be a detriment to them, since things tend to cling to hair that may not be able to attach to the bare skin. more


A nine-year-old Arabian mare (Maggie) was found very lame in the pasture.  She had a very strong digital pulse and a small painful area of hair loss on the outside heel. more

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