About Us

Holistic Horse, Inc.™ is committed to providing educational information to the equine caretakers, professionals, and practitioners of integrative therapies. Holistic Horse™ is dedicated to the education of, communication with, and continued support of its readers to make sound decisions for holistic healthcare options.

KAREN TAPPENDEN, Publisher/Co-Founder
Karen Jumping on NamenRaised in Chester County, Pennsylvania, Karen holds a Bachelors degree in Advertising & Photography from the University of Florida. She has worked in the television and video industry for 30 years. She began her career in Gainesville, Florida, following the heartbeat of Florida horsemanship on the show "The Tack Room." She has produced videos for a variety of clientele, including Mary Ann Simonds, an equine behaviorist, and MacKinnon Ice Horse, the manufacturer of equine ice therapy products.
Karen was also educated in Shiatsu Massage with additional training in equine acupressure, anatomy, and physiology, as well as homeopathy. She no longer practices bodywork but continues to promote its healing through the publicising of the Holistic Horse Magazine.

Stacey Small, Publisher/Co-Founderstacey.jpg
Stacey was a true horsewomen. She began showing horses when she was young and has been involved in many aspects of the horse world, from racing to breeding. At one point Stacey was responsible for the care and therapy of 12-18 horses at the race track. She was responsible for all aspects of the assisted therapy work, coordinating acupuncture, massage, laser, ultrasound and magnetic therapy sessions.
Stacey has worked closely with many top veterinarians who encouraged her in the late 1980s to study herbs. This led her to the creation of Equilite, Inc., manufacturer, and distributor of all-natural herbal supplements, liniments, and flower essences for horses, dogs, and cats. Stacey believes that horses are herbivores and should be fed plants and herbs that more closely match their natural diet, which led to the development of her supplement line. Stacey is the creator of Sore No-More liniment line, voted Product of the Year by The Horse Journal. Stacey lectured on all aspects of herbs, ranging from what is natural to a horse's diet to flower essences that deal with the emotional issues animals may have.
Stacey passed away in September of 2019.