Treating Inflammation Naturally

Equine joint disease and muscle discomfort can be controlled with an integrative approach

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Where can I find boswellia? Does is come ground like turmeric and ginger?

lydiann spencer-jones more than 1 year ago


Check out Terry Naturally animal health they have Boswellia products for horses!

Karen ( 58 days ago

Micro-current therapy

I would also like to add micro-current therapy as a foundation. Electrical current controls all functions of the body. Life itself is nonexistent with out this current!

Sheri more than 3 years ago

Micro-current therapy

Great suggestion, feel free to send us a case study,

Karen ( more than 3 years ago


I would add Equine Muscle Release Therapy to this list as beign superb in treating inflammation and its causes.

Tracey Hutchinson more than 3 years ago

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