Calming Herbs for Horses

Horse calmers, whether herbal, aromatherapy, mineral, or homeopathic, are one of the biggest sectors in the supplement industry

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Sarah Hutcheson 246 days ago

Highly Neurotic Mare

My TB mare is very sensitive, and show signs of anxiety and depression prior to this season losing her second foal - weather conditions/circumstances. We manage to get through her depression and aggressive behaviour from this incident, as her adopt my orphan foal (not feeding wise) as it was too late. Since she has been weaned from this orphan foal and return with her paddock mate (another broodmare who is currently in foal) off-site to where I have greater quality grass and grazing, her behaviour has been very neurotic. She has drop loads of weight that she now looks like a greyhound, she won't keep still and eat her food, she is continually clenching her jaw and eyes are popped out of her head - like she is continual flight. She has distanced herself from the herd. I have decided to bring her back to my property so I can give her healing, feed her twice a day and hopefully turn around the extreme depression and anxiety she is feeling currently. Besides Vit B and Magnesium, do you recommend any other minerals, herbs for assistance in adjusting her either hormonal / mental imbalance?

Aimee Peterken more than 3 years ago

Dominant Mare

I have a two year old horse, I rescued her from a KB. She keeps trying to dominate me examples: Rearing, Biting, kicking, she puts her ears back and opens her mouth at me. I need help and I don’t know what to do. She traps me in the corral, she won’t let me feed her properly. Is there anything I could herbal? She also came from an very abusive owner before he sold her to the KB.

Janie more than 3 years ago

young mare pushing boundaries

Raspberry leaves have a perfect amount of magnesium which helps heal the mare mind and body. start there. Look for the herbal "moody mare" mixtures and you will see it in ingredients but you can do it yourself and buy in bulk online. she is young so she is pushing the limits. Where are you? even though she is showing aggression you cannot meet her there. You need to be confident, kind and soft. she out smarting you right now as babies do. if you are putting her to work you may want to lighten up. she's pretty young. good luck.

Jennifer more than 3 years ago


Maybe have a look at some of these articles and find a local parelli instructor to you. They are very helpful :) .

Alison more than 3 years ago

Stud fear of humans

I rescued this horse but he is very scared of people I can't even feed him without him lashing out at me

kacie more than 3 years ago


I have a 7 year old gelding who when is in a lorry or trailer starts to stress as soon as I tie him up and shut the doors , I've tried making sure i'm calm etc but as soon as we go to leave he rears up and has pulled the ring off the wall and bent a partition ,so we had to stop . I have still tried putting him on and off and standing with him and when I say he walks off ok , but as soon as I tie him he starts to panic , so thought that if I could give him something that might just take the edge off just whilst we travel for his safety . Do you think your product could help ?

Trudy Thompson more than 3 years ago

Traveling issues

Try using either Valerian (be careful of how much you give him), or Lemon Balm mixed in with his grain or in a treat before traveling. Valerian is a natural tranquilizer, and Lemon Balm has calming effects.

Evynessence more than 2 years ago

Dominant gelding

i just got a horse that was a stallion until 3-4 months ago, he has never spent time with other horses and always been shielded with the last owner. He has spent a lot of time inside and never been much socialised. I just got him to try if this is the horse for me. I have a lot of experience with stallions, but this behaviour is very dominant. He is calm and a lovely horse in the stables, but the minute another horse is nearby he shrieks, kick, stomp and so on. He marks his territory a lot outside and can not find peace. He is running along side the fence a lot. i know that i can not take the "stallion" out of him. but some herbs might help. any suggestions? if he doesn't calm down a little bit and gets used to other horses around him i can not keep him sadly!

Helena-Justine Nilsberg more than 4 years ago


Did you ever find something to help you with your gelding. I have the exact same problem with my gelding . Any ideas are greatly appreciated

Cynthia Johnston more than 2 years ago

Hyperactive gelding

I have a 15 yr old thoroughbred gelding who was badly mistreated in the past he has come along way and is doing very well. But there is still one problem when he spooks or he seems something that makes him excited he is nearly impossible to calm down, sometimes I will just have to put him back out and try again next day. He also gets himself right into panic and will injure himself. For example one time he freaked out so badly in the crossties he ended up breaking his nose. Had leather halter on which did not break. He fell to ground leaped up in air about 10 times before he finally stayed down and I could run over and get him out. Has also completely panicked when tied numerous times needles to say I tack him up lose in stall or holding on to him outside.
I have also recently got another off the track thoroughbred who is a total stress bag... can not get weight out him almost positive he has ulcers and most likely going to begin treatment just wondering if there is anything I can give him to help him to relax and just enjoy life.

Bethany more than 4 years ago

Calming aids

Best to talk to a holistic veterinarian such Dr. Joyce Harman:
Or Dr. Madalyn Ward:

Karen ( more than 4 years ago

Article on Calming Herbs

Karen ( more than 4 years ago

Really tense 8yr gelding

I have a very tense gelding that every time I get on him he tenses up and is stiff. Is there any way to get him to relax and enjoy the ride a little more?

Stephany Faber more than 5 years ago

Tense gelding

If your gelding is only tense when you get on him and is stif I would suggest having the saddle checked and make sure there is nothing wrong in the back or legs. Sounds like he is in pain. Please check with a good perhaps Alternativly chiropractor. Also, I would look at how good is your relationship with him from the ground? Is he trusting when you lead from the ground? Will he follow you no matter how scared or spooked he may be from the ground? If not that could be a place to start. A horse in my experience needs to see you as a trustwothy and good and fair leader. That will then translate to the saddle.

Kira more than 5 years ago

Spooky filly who chews wood vigourously

Hi My 6 year old mare has become very spooky and at times hormonal. I have tried many herbs and minerals to address her needs but although she is not as bad as she was she still wants to chew vigorously into the timber railings in her paddock. She is never stabled and is prone to becoming over weight. I am about to do a hair analysis on her. She gets Seaweed meal everyday along with a good quality organic mineral.

Ashley Jankowski more than 5 years ago


The seaweed meal may be causing the problems. If horses get too much iodine, they can develop hypothyroidism. In horses this is just the opposite in what happens to people, horses get nervous symptoms, almost like a person with hyperthyroidism. Happened to my horse years ago. The vet that treated her, and he told me about a stable where all eight horses were given kelp, all eight horses developed hypothyroidism.

Therese Grysbeck more than 5 years ago


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Tracy more than 5 years ago

Compulsive biting yearling Hackney stallion.

Help! Please!

Jo more than 5 years ago

Mare Horomones

My nine year old mare is extremely hyper and moody while in season. Is there any herb available to calm her down. She is quite difficult and dangerous to ride during this time.

Colleen Brown more than 5 years ago

mare in season

Raspberry leaves are helpful with this - you can buy them packaged in a product called mare magic or go to any herb company and buy them for one quarter of the cost. they are helping 2 mares of mine.

Judith Ogus more than 5 years ago

Mare in Season

Mellow Mare by Chava Naturals works well for mares in season.

Susan Moore more than 4 years ago

anxious and moody mare

my 7yr mare, is in a pasture with 4 other geldings. She can't focus for "flirting" when we are at barrel races. she cant focus at home for calling to her heard. When she comes in season, she is even more of a problem. I have tried Regumate, Mare Magic and had her examined by a vet, who found a healthy uterus and ovaries. any suggestions?

Dana more than 3 years ago

Mare Horomones

My nine year old mare is extremely hyper and moody while in season. Is there any herb available to calm her down. She is quite difficult and dangerous to ride during this time.

Colleen Brown more than 5 years ago

Calming Herbs for Mares

Mellow Mare by Chava Naturals works well for in season mares.

Susan Moore more than 4 years ago

Mare Horomones

My nine year old mare is extremely hyper and moody while in season. Is there any herb available to calm her down. She is quite difficult and dangerous to ride during this time.

Colleen Brown more than 5 years ago


horse has been extremely abused in past. we have a pretty good relationship now but still fearful of giving me back hoofs. terrified of saddle, anyone or anything touching her from mid-side to rump. You can see scars from being beaten even after a year. Help please. If something could just take the edge off ...

April more than 5 years ago

Horses fear

try massaging your horses muzzle with essential lavender oil(undiluted),try putting hops in its feed,you can put a table spoon of honey in the feed as well,also try t-touch and join up.i hope this helps . If you have any problems just email me

kate more than 5 years ago


Chava Naturals has an herbal blend called Harmonious Horse to help horses with anxiety.

Susan Moore more than 4 years ago


Where can Harmonious Horse be purchased?

Kathy Tyre more than 4 years ago


where could I purchase these herbs in larger amounts or do I have to buy as though I was taking them?

denise vaughan more than 5 years ago

Buying Herbs

What quantities are you looking for?

Sue more than 4 years ago

Do you have any recipes?

Do you have any recipes containing one, more or all of these herbs

Barbara Teston more than 6 years ago

Recipes for Herbs

Here is a link to some videos:
We are starting to add more on our Herb Blurbs published in our magazine and our App, but you will have to subscribe or pick up an issue at your favorite Tack or feed store!

Karen ( more than 5 years ago


Moody mare

ann eallonardo more than 5 years ago

Do you have any recipes?

Are you looking for a recipe? Or are you looking for a company that will work with you on specific needs?

Sue more than 4 years ago

herbal recipes

i am working with heaves in my horse. have researched which herbs to try, do i feed them raw or make a tea? am going to add to feed. is there a source for ready made herbal remedies? desperate to get this under control.. have been using steroid injections

Chanda Benjamin more than 4 years ago

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