Cribbing Rings for Horses

Cribbing Rings for Horses

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Rings in horse teeth

This is stupid cruelty. Let your horse live in a more natural environment to reduce stress, do not expose them to risk of infection and pain by doing this ugly procedure.

Linda W 248 days ago

Cribbing Rings

Promotion is not why we ran this story. It was an alternative used on the horse that worked for the owner and the horse. But we do appreciate your concerns. Have a blessed day!

Karen ( 132 days ago

Cribbing Rings

I can't believe you are promoting this barbaric practice in your magazine. I'm appalled and disgusted that anyone would do this to a horse, let alone a so-called "professional". I'm hoping I've misread something here and that actually you are condemning the practice by bringing it to people's attention.

Mary Anne Manigian 248 days ago

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