Equine Colic and Homeopathy

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I've used "Lobellia" and "Valerian" tinctures (3-5 drops Lobellia- to 20 drops Valerian)
but I don't believe it has to be that exact- just more Valerian than Lobellia as Lobellia is very potent.

Stacy Jett more than 4 years ago

Equine Colic and Homeopathy

Can this formula you shared be given as a preventative? My horse had an episode just yesterday while on a trail ride, he started shaking his head and then went to his knees.I walked him around then got back on him and rode another 30 minutes( everyone thought maybe he did it because of the heavy attack of flies around our horses heads) he started the same shaking of his head and was trying to go down again. I got off of him and walked him to the rode to get trailered home. The only thing I could come up with was gas colic. He has never done this before while riding. He has normal BM's. I put him up overnight he seems fine now. In your article Equine Colic and Homeopathy you share a colic remedy formula could this be used also for a preventative?, and if so how much should be given and how often? Is there somewhere I could purchase the formula? It would be so helpful if you would please share this information Thank you

Trish Lovelace more than 4 years ago


I have a horse that displays asmatha like symptoms, lethargic and breathing hard once asked to canter.

Catherine Mullarkey more than 4 years ago


Hives: A strong immune boosting whole foods supplement will help your horse’s body with auto-immune response, such as Mushroom Matrix’s Immune supplement or Spirulina. If the hives are itchy, you can also try using a topical Thuja-based cream such as Hilton Herbs' VireX cream. Generally speaking, it is important to identify the cause of hives prior to treating, however difficult. Another supplement to try would be an Omega-3 supplement, such as Flax or Camelina oil, which will help with the overall health of your horse’s skin and provide anti-inflammatory support.
Melanie Falls
Whole Equine, LLC

Karen (HolisticHorse.com) more than 4 years ago

Breathing Hard, Heaves

Heaves: There are many remade herbal mixtures, however this one is my favorite: https://www.wholeequine.com/products/freeway-gold, as it includes herbs that are anti-inflammatory and also soothing. The liquid base is also more bioavailable to the horse and quicker-acting than a dry herbal formula. If you are going to feed your own herbs, I would recommend making a tea and soaking the carrier (hay pellets, beet pulp, or whatever else you may use) in the tea for maximum absorption.
Melanie Falls
Whole Equine, LLC

Karen (HolisticHorse.com) more than 4 years ago

Equine health concerns

A customer called us and asked about Dr. King's article (above). Dr. King wrote that when our company was only 14 years old. Dr. King has advocated that natural is best for 40 years. Now his company, King Bio is 28 years old, and Dr. King's 500 homeopathic formulas have helped people and animals for all those years. Among natural therapies, homeopathy is unique, in that it has no known negative side effects nor contraindications, even when combined with other medications. When animals respond so well to homeopathy, there's no question of placebo effect. To find a store, healthcare professional or vet in your area, use the zip code search on our website, drkings.com, or call our customer care specialists with any questions.

Sunny more than 4 years ago

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