Equine Raindrop Technique

Bringing equilibrium physically and emotionally

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Not all Essential Oils are the same...

I do not endorse any specific "brand" of essential oils, but I do insist on therapeutic grade, 100% natural oils that are blended based on individual needs. I notice that this author recommends Young Living oils. These oils are pre-blended to address "common" conditions and are not considered therapeutic in the aromatherapy community. I would never use Young Living oils on my horse. Or a human companion, for that matter.

Linda M more than 3 years ago

Raindrop Therapy and type of oil

i was trained by Young Living 20 years ago on the Raindrop Technique for horses and dogs and though I know Young Living is a therapeutic grade oil, others may not and that is the key. It is a key point to ensure that only therapeutic grade oils are used on you or your animals. My rule is if you cannot ingest it don't put it on your skin. In addition to aquainting yourself with the Technique, I recommend becoming knowledgable about essential oils. They are a powerful health tool both emotionally and physically.

Terri Foley more than 4 years ago

Raindrop therapy

Do you know of any reputable classes on line for raindrop therapy? I am currently studying equine massage, and would love to add this into some of my new clients visits, if needed. Thank you.

Heather more than 3 years ago

Raindrop Therapy

Nan Martin in Florida

Karen (HolisticHorse.com) more than 3 years ago

Raindrop for horses

Where are you located? Might be interested in learning this technique. Would you do a class?

Mona Yates more than 3 years ago

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