Breathing Silver

silver therapy is currently being used successfully as a treatment in cases of Pharyngitis, Lymphoid hyperplasia,

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Nebulizing Silver

I don't have any doubt that this treatment can potentially be effective and I am sure there are probably thousands of stories out there citing that it is but the article makes reference to, "Clinical Experience" which I believe means what I am stating here (numerous accounts of effective treatment. My question is are there any clinical STUDIES that demonstrate this as a viable treatment? Clinical studies that indicate safe success stories without side effects and safe usage? What is a safe concentration, and frequently, is there potential for the soft tissue of the lungs or liver to accumulate silver where eventually the body tries to attack and rid the silver causing inflammation and degradation of the lungs and breathing capacity? What clinical "STUDIES" have been done? These so called success stories can't state that it's safe without knowledge or studies that there are no long term negative effects nor at what dosage and frequency is I ask again what studies have been done to support this?

Roger Glass more than 3 years ago

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