Buns of STEEL

Exercises for Correcting Sacral & Hind End Weakness in your horse.

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Is that 5_15 minutes per leg? Or total time?

Leah more than 1 year ago

Walk or trot also?

Thank you for the article... I was wondering if this is always done at the walk, or once the horse is strong and comfortable if you do this at the trot also.

Christine Longnecker more than 4 years ago

Always walk, or trot too?

Thank you for the article! I was wondering if this is always done at the walk, or if once the horse is comfortable and using itself properly if you do it at the trot also?

Christine more than 4 years ago

buns of steek

What about weighted bell boots?

christine amber more than 5 years ago

Weight placement

Where on the leg do you place the weight? It's not clear from photo.

Timmie Pollock more than 5 years ago

Tipped Sacrum

you mention that weak back muscles may be related to a tipped sacrum. so which came first? how does the sacrum get 'tipped'?

Pat Cameron more than 5 years ago

Also position of weights

And also a terrific article! Would love to have some pics with positioning or at least a description but also actual weight of weights. 1lb....2lbs...??? What is reasonable for a 16 hand horse starting out in rehab for example and what is reasonable to build it up to? Huge thanks in advance!

Lyndsey Lewis more than 5 years ago

Where does the weight go?

Terrific article...started this excercise with my OTTB jumper this morning! I'm a little fuzzy on where the weights should be on the leg. Article says parallel and keep the weight high. On the outside of the cannon bone, inside, back, front? Above the hock, on the hock, below the hock? Is there a picture you can share? I've shared it in a couple FB groups and the response is very enthusiastic....

Christy Nelson more than 5 years ago

Position of weights?

Yes, please same question! Pictures??

Sarah blanchard more than 5 years ago

Where does the weight go?

Thanks for your comments and feedback. Make sure you start with just an angle boot, as adding even a 1 pound weight can stress soft tissue if the muscles are not strong enough. Once your horse can do the exercise easily without weight, you can start by adding a 1 pound weight ( sand bag weights are good - the kind you can buy as wrist or ankle weights for people- they are soft and bendable). Lay the weight vertically from the ankle up the cannon bone toward the hock under a polo wrap or boot so it stays in place. By placing it vertically along the leg the weight is distributed evenly. If you just put it down around the ankle, then the folcrum effect takes place and it puts more stress on joints, rather than muscles. It does not matter whether you place it flat along the inside or the outside of the leg as long as it is laid smoothly up and down the leg.

Mary Ann Simonds more than 5 years ago


Can you post a photo demonstrating this?

Gen more than 5 years ago

Can I use this article for Citation?

Hi, this is such a great article. Its possible to let me know the date of this article published on your website? I want to use it as reference for my paper. Thank you

Jamal Hakim 86 days ago

Reference or paper

Please contact the author Mary Ann Simonds this article is 2016

Karen (HolisticHorse.com) 66 days ago

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