Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy

Can PEMF therapy be used to treat your horse’s problem?

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Articles like this should not be written by anyone selling the product. The author has legitimized the product she is selling and potentially caused detrimental effects to those who own/sell/use the higher powered PEMF devices. She has not cited any sources for these claims either. In fact, the higher power PEMF devices are FEI compliant, and work just as well as the low powered devices - except they don’t need to be used as long or as frequently for the same results. The *frequencies* are the important part of how PEMFs effect the body. All tissues and conditions respond best to differerent frequencies, and instead of hoping to figure out which one that is for a specific problem, the higher powered devices “sweep” through them all, ENSURING the area gets the frequently that will most benefit it.

Ashley 349 days ago

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