Sweet Itch treated with Flaxseed

Recurrent Seasonal Pruritus ("Sweet Itch")

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Flax-seed amount?

The study doesn't say how much Flax seed was given in each feed nor how many feeds a day. Is this measurement known? if so could you tell me what it was please? I use 2 herbs for sweet itch in feed one time a day, one month before season starts (First of March in Central Fl.) Nettle 1 cup, Lemon Balm 1/2 cup. I would be happy to add the flax seed too. Is it true you need to ground the flax seed right before giving or can it be pre-ground OR how was the flax seed in the study given, ground or not ground?
thank you for your help.

shandel williamson more than 1 year ago

Flax amount

Hi Shandel,
I ground my flax before adding to the feed with a coffee grinder. You can purchase STABILIZED flax which is already ground but you want to use it before the expiration date.
Check out Omega Fields, they should have the measurements on the bag too!

Karen (HolisticHorse.com) more than 1 year ago

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