The DOS and DON’TS of Equine Lymphedema

Edema is always a concern for horse owners We are constantly checking the legs for new lumps and bumps. Sometimes, minor areas of swelling can lead to temporary lymphedema. If this edema worsens over time, the horse may develop a complicated condition called Chronic Progressive Lymphedema (CPL).

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re: edema

You might check out Low-level laser therapy (LLLT) viz, ' MECHANISMS OF LOW LEVEL LIGHT THERAPY '
Michael R. Hamblin
Department of Dermatology, Harvard Medical School

[personal note:
A pal got a 3rd degree burn on her foot in a kitchen mishap, where her womens size 7 foot swelled up to a men's size 7 for 3 days, & an Osteopathic doctor used a Professional grade laser for 45 min which eliminated ALL the edema...
previously, the go-to would have been acupuncture&herbs by a TCM doctor.
OTOH, an ER visit would consist of many test$, & a fasciotomy, with bigtime Pain& increased risk of amputation from the resulting infection from the open wounds via the cuts/slices standard of care.] Needless to say, Homeopathic remedies add speedy healing,as well.

dd 220 days ago

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