BLM Plan to Euthanize Wild Horses Blasted by Cloud Foundation

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Killing of Wild Mustangs, burrors

This is the most egregious form of animal cruelty I have ever seen. Get rid of the BLM - they can't seem to manage anything.

Helen Ellerbach more than 4 years ago

How about Kill off the BLM ?


Shari Welsh more than 5 years ago

Killing off healthy horses

This is so so horrible and they have gotten themselves into this situation. If they would have left the horses to run wild where they deserve to run wild, this would not have happened. I cc'd National Geographic. We need to start alerting news medias to the plight of what may happen and let American know that healthy free ranging Mustangs could be killed for nothing at all. They all deserve to live. We need to Tweet and alert the public to what may happen. This is an outrage!!

Cindy Wines more than 6 years ago

Press Release Publish Date

This press release was published and released on February 19, 2009.

Karen Tappenden more than 6 years ago

wild horses

You should use the money you get from cattlemen for the land you took o the wild horses off of

Mary A Rice more than 6 years ago

BLM Out of Control

BLM has been mismanaging the WFRHBA for 3 decades. It has to stop. ALL the Wild Horses in holding facilities need to be RELEASED back into the wild. There are NO EXCESS WILD HORSES on the ranges and the herds that are remaining are BELOW genetic viability. Euthanasia IS NOT THE ANSWER and is WRONG! There is enough money in the budget until all the Wild Horses can be released back into the wild. Kick the cattle and sheep off the Wild Horses' legally designated HMAs/HAs. Americans only eat approximately 3% of all beef raised in America. The remaining 97% are shipped to foreign countries. So, the WELFARE RANCHERS make a HUGE profit selling beef that has been raised at the expense of American TAXPAYERS. It's time to revoke all grazing permits on Americans' public land. Americans need to stand together and fight the BLM & Congress against this injustice. Our native Wild Horses belong to every American. Federal public lands belong to All Americans not just the select few that claim it as their own land for their own for-profit cattle operations. Cloud, the Stallion of the Rockies, is the Ambassador of all Wild Horses, who just celebrated his 20th birthday. Americans have been following his and his families' journey through life for 20 years. Killing Cloud would be like killing Cecil........shame on you BLM.

The BLM repeatedly asks the public for comments and disregards public consensus, and administers the WFRHBA in favor of "welfare" ranchers, oil & gas monopolies, and mining interests with blatant disregard for the native Wild Horses and Burros that it was entrusted to and protected by law. DOI/BLM is inherently bought by such entities in conflict with public opinion.

"Man" and "Woman" are considered a "hominid" species: "[T]he ESA [Endangered Species Act] hardly poses a threat to the American way of life. The greater threat sad to say comes from the human-caused mass extinction of species currently occurring throughout the world. We need to become better species." American Bar Association, Endangered Species Act: Law, Policy, and Perspectives, Chapter 8, Page 152.

Our hearts bleed for them in ways that only Americans that are hopeless romantics for the West of yester-years ~~ who have an old soul ~~ are courageous, adventurous, and untamed spirits. I am one of those such people. Native Wild Horses are truly our National Treasure in its truest form. I can't think or speak of our Wild Horses & Burros without tears in my eyes for the injustice that has been bestowed upon them for no reason at all other than they exist.

MTHorseLover more than 6 years ago

One word says it all.

OUTRAGE. They are NOT their horses to kill. They belong to ALL of us. Don't have the money to take care of them, put them BACK. That's our land too, not your personal cattleman's property!

Terri Paxton more than 6 years ago

Are you people insane???

Haven't you all learned?
Horses are a NATIONAL TREASURE and should be treated as such!
What are you planning to them all off a cliff again?
You are MY government and I cannot even imaging that you would even think of doing this to our horses again!!!

Lisa Diersen more than 6 years ago

Budget Shortfall when record receipts have been garnished off of HMA's?

Just as a reminder... Wyoming was given "ONE BILLION" dollars just last fall by the Dept.of Interior for their share of money made on leases -- which a majority of this came from land that has been horse designated areas. The other TWELVE BILLION dollars in receipts went back into the total budget. I read the budget for 2015 and there is plenty of money left. So much so they could create a corridor for wild horses and wild life stretching from Canada to Mexico. Thieves Spinsters Luntzing words to put an emotional cloud over people, gangsters nothing more than that.

Marly more than 6 years ago

This is horrible on every level!

This is horrible on every level!

Laurie Fiesler more than 6 years ago

Euthanizing Rounded up Mustangs/Burros in Holding Pens

That would appear to be BLM, Obama and an uncaring political system's intention all along.

Arleen Rooney more than 6 years ago

Leave the Mustangs alone

Just leave the Mustangs and any other horses alone. I don't know how u sleep at night doing what ur doing

Nancy more than 6 years ago

release the mustangs!!

the mustangs are a large part of Americas history, they need to be protected that is what the cloud foundation was set up to do. Not to have them kicked off their grazing land, so the BLM can put paying cattle on it!!, the tribes have been sending all their wild horses to slaughter, soon their will be no mustangs left. I am sure their is another way to control the grazing land. and insure the mustang a future as well as a living legacy for our children.

Cindy Justice more than 6 years ago

Owning a mustang

I have a mustang and he is wonderful. I am in the process of adopting another. The BLM makes it very hard for an adoption to happen. There is a lot of red tape. If they plan to slaughter them, then have the BLM change the adoption requiements so more people could adopt. These horses are our heritage, we need to keep this American dream alive.

Sheri Moon more than 6 years ago

wild horse slaughter - smoke and mirrors

If you scratch the surface of this travesty you will find the Cattleman's Association paying the piper to do their bidding. The BLM is a puppet for them. They want the open range and the only way to get it is to kill off the horses. Greed, at any cost but their own. What I don't understand it, why POTUS is letting this go on and why this isn't the top story on every national news broadcast. What's the deal here? Are they all afraid of these gun totting redneck greedy bastards? Come on boys, stand up and do the right thing. Whatever happened to the 'White' hat cowboys. Gone the way of the Dodo bird and clearly they are all self indulgent greedy Dodo bird brains. Self serving. Short sighted. Greedy SOBs. The American public has to be informed and the only way you can do that is with a lot of news coverage and some big big celebrities speaking out. Where is the SPCA, Where is PETA, where are all these Animal Protection Agencies. Have the Cattleman and the Republican Congress muzzled them? They shoot, starve, capture and run these animals to death, something they would not stand for if it was done to any other animal... so what's up? Why is the news world silent on this???

Liz McNamraa more than 6 years ago

Boycott BEEF!

WATCH & EDUCATE like emoticon everyone about the INDUSTRY that drives these slaughters and more!
Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret

Peggy Oki more than 6 years ago

BLM to MURDER wild horses they were created TO PROTECT

It is ridiculous to kill healthy wild horses that you have UNNECESSARILY rounded up and kept prisoner, just because of a budget shortfall due to your mismanagement of available funds. Turn the horses back out where you found them, and let them be what they should be: WILD AND FREE. Bureaucratic bullshit is killing this country and all it stands for, DON'T BE SO STUPID. You have NO RIGHT to kill these healthy horses who are perfectly capable of fending for themselves on the wild plains.

Sheila Pack more than 6 years ago

BLM euthanizes wild horses

What can we do other than writing and calling congressmen?

Susan Hawkins more than 6 years ago

America's wild horsews


Janet Harvath more than 6 years ago



JOHN JOHN more than 6 years ago

BLM euthanizing wild horses

How do we start? I am ready. Killing mustangs is un-American.

Susan Hawkins more than 6 years ago

Killing Wild Horses

BLM is this the best you can do? The public are not idiots......your so called horse management has proven over and over again your incapacity to handle anything that even comes close to managing Wild Horses let alone American tax-payers money. To threaten the public and the advocates of these beloved animals with killing them is not only disgusting but emphatically disgusting. Because you have been hired to manage them does not give you the right to kill them off. You are aware that the herds in the west are extremely low, you also are aware that sterilization and any forms of contraceptives are wrong. I am exhausted from listening and watching what the BLM says and does, get it together BLM you are destroying America's Wild Horses and we are not about to let you.

Theresia S. more than 6 years ago

DEATH by slaughter

What has happened to the American people? How did we become so enmeshed with budgets, shortfalls, pressure from welfare cattle/sheep ranchers, we've lost compassion, common sense and honor with obeying federal legislation and laws protecting the wild horses and burros...go find money for your budget somewhere that doesn't involve KILLING beautiful living creatures. How can you sleep at night? when. you over LIFE . This is NOT the solution...very similar to Hitler's solution...just eliminate the species through cruel, inhumane processes. Take a poll and I'll bet you'll come up with better problem solving, more citizens who don't want their tax dollars spent on KILLING...and for starters...what about the million dollars requested and spent on an air conditioned facility on the Black Rock Desert for Burning you BLMers could be should feel GREAT SHAME...that money should have been spent on shelter for the hundreds of animals you've TAKEN and are holding with no shade, little to no water while you bask in air conditioned luxury....WE, the general public, taxpayers ARE NOT STUPID and we are WATCHING your every move with regard to the treatment of our American ICONs... Go back and re read the 1971 Federal Law protecting the wild horses and seems you've forgotten or NEVER read the law that you are charged to enforce....A PITY AND A SHAME.

BJ Grubb more than 6 years ago


Where is all of the money they get from Burning Man? BLM is requesting BM to build them a whopping $1,000,000.00 deluxe facility for the officials!

t Nels more than 6 years ago


wrong to eliminate a breed because ranchers pay

sally stolte more than 6 years ago

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