Cataracts in Horses

Treatment options may include homeopathy and better nutrition

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Hello, I would like to start using cineraria eye drops for my horse. I just bought the cineraria eye drops by Natural Ophthalmics. However, I read that cineraria is very toxic for horses and may be fatal. Could you please clarify this for me? Is it safe to use with them or not?

Veronica more than 2 years ago


Do you sell the eyedrops

Robin feldman more than 3 years ago

Sell Products

Holistic Horse does not sell products, we are a media company.

Karen ( more than 3 years ago

cataracts in horses

Eye drops Can C (L-carnosine) human use and canine use are they also safe for horses? How would they be used?

Donna more than 3 years ago

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