Chlorella For Horses

Chlorella is a single-celled freshwater green micro-algae, containing abundant chlorophyll, as well as essential amino acids, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, protein and antioxidants.

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immune supressed

my horse has recently been diagnosed with T Rich B Cell Lymphoma AND EHV-5 lung disease. several months prior he was diagnosed with Lyme Disease. He is 4 coming 5 yo and I believe his immune system has always been suppressed as he has flare ups of Pharyngitis and Sinus infections as a young horse. Currently, in Dec. he was put on 4 months of Valacyclavor an anti viral medication and last month started chemo. He is scheduled for 4 weeks chemo, 4 weeks off; that cycle repeated 4 times. He has had several blood samples given to Cornell University and is currently being treated at New Bolton Center, part of Univ. of Penn in Pa. I have him on Ester C, Probiotin, Vitamin E. What other supplements do you recommend? One last thing: with blood tests a year ago, he had so many allergies I gave him subcutaneous shots every 2 days for 4 months then 3 weeks apart. He was re tested with the skin test at NBC and only allergic to 1 mold at that time.

Cindy Mattern more than 5 years ago

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