Detoxify Your Horse

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3 year old mare

My mare was a rescue. Neglect was the cause, large herd in small pasture, fighting to eat. I've had her 3 months. She has choked twice so they are wetting her food she eats so fast. Would you recommend a detox first?

Betsy Ann Blackstock more than 5 years ago

Selenium toxicity in a horse

I have a palomino mare 6 years old, who I have on loan, the owner told me she had alopecia as she had no hair on her tail on no mane.and was on a gut balancer when she came to me.....HOWEVER, Since I have had her I I felt there was more wrong with her than just supposed alopecia.... She had had diarrhoea , thus the gut balancer, she has ridged rings round her hooves , there are black spots in her coat, but they are covered with hair, I put Epsom salts in her water, she is on good quality hay, and happy hoof non molasses, and super calm....I have been using cocoanut cream on her mane and tail, both of which now have a short growth of hair which she didn't have when I got her in April.... But I feel she needs detoxifying completely to get her hair and hooves back to normal....she has a lovely temperament I have owned horses 60 years.

Rhona Tasker more than 5 years ago

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