Answers for Insulin Resistant Horse

Eating the right foods in the proper amounts can help control carbohydrate metabolism, an important factor when managing horses at risk for laminitis or insulin resistance.

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Skinny IR horse

I'm looking for what I can do to feed my older IR horse he is thin and I need to get weight on him safely. His teeth are good his hay is good and in a slow feeder bag and he gets 1 cup of soaked and rinsed beer pulp pellets morning and night along with 1 cup of MVP and I don't know know what else to do

Jessica more than 4 years ago

Skinny IR Horse

You could ask your vet about feeding split peas - they’re very high in protein so typically used to put muscle on working horses, however our retired thoroughbred did really well on them. She doesn’t work, so instead of turning the protein into muscle her body turned it into fat. Shes 16.1hh and put 1/4 cup of split peas in her feed morning and night for 4 weeks and she gained visibly!

Please do consult your vet first though, I’m not sure if they are IR safe, but being that it’s plant protein and not a starch it should work for your horse in theory 😊

Jaime Sirna more than 3 years ago

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