Do Horses Have Emotions?

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This was wow

Horsesrule 275 days ago

horse brain

my grandfather beat his horse on a daily basis . The last day of my grandfathers life the horse kicked him to death. could it be that my grandfathers treatment of him enraged the horse to do this?

earla more than 1 year ago

Horse beating

Good for the horse, served the guy right. Why didn't somebody stop him beating the horse?

Mary Lee Lackey more than 1 year ago

Grandfather's Horse

I doubt the horse maliciously planned to 'get back' at the man.
The horse probably had learnt to expect bad treatment from this particular person, had learnt which cues to look for when a beating was eminent and, in this case, I suspect the horse finally had enough and reacted out of anger or, more likely, out of a sense of self-preservation.

Mira Lea 91 days ago