Does Your Overweight Horse Have An Insulin Problem?

Easy keepers and overweight horses and ponies have been around forever. Laminitis has also always been with us, and it’s no secret that overweight animals are at high risk.

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Selim et al research question

Selim et al did not see any IR develop in the Finnhorses in 98 days. Perhaps it takes more than a summer season, more than 3 months to develop. Wild horses tend to gain weight over the summer so they start winter with more weight to sustain themselves when forage becomes less plentiful. They lose that weight in winter, so maybe if they had kept the extra weight for longer, the IR would develop. How many years does it take for an overweight teenager to become a diabetic?

Barbara more than 2 years ago

Obesity V I.R.

If the horse were to be treated for I.R. using something such as Metformin could a loss of weight be reasonably be expected if the feed type were to remain the same i.e. would the Metformin used to treat the I.R. have the knock on effect of reducing appetite?

JEAN more than 2 years ago

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