Understanding and Managing Winter Laminitis

The first thing to do is rule out foot pain from unforgiving ground conditions, rather than from laminitis. All horses have difficulty negotiating uneven frozen ground and their frogs and soles can become bruised.

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winter laminitis

Would you treat with ice a metabolic syndrome horse going through an acute episode of laminitis in January?

Meredith Intine more than 4 years ago

What About

What about vaso-dialators? What about the supplements from Uckele that are designed to help cases like this?

Patrice Sager more than 5 years ago

adaptagen doses

I am a clinical nutritionist who uses Med-Herb products from Australia that have been standardized for therapeutic effect for humans. These are very high quality herbal preparations in both liquid and tablet form. Can you tell me what the milliliter per day dose for a 900 # horse would be (Typical 150# human liquid dose is ml per day? Are there any herbs that should be strictly avoided in horses? (Mine is an Arab--very easy keeper.)

Mary Jensen more than 5 years ago

A response from the Author

Jiaogulan is the peripheral vasodilator and also the major active ingredient in the Uckele products.

When going from standardized human products to equine I usually use an allometric calculator like this one:


Allometry is a technique for adjusting dosage based on body surface area/metabolic rate.

An exception would be Jiaogulan (Gynostemma pentaphyllum) as horses are often very responsive to its effects. Start with a dose that is equivalent to 2000 mg of whole leaf powder, twice daily. Do not use Asian ginseng (Panax Ginseng) as it increases insulin.

Adaptogenic herbs are not prescription items. There are many bulk herb suppliers online and you can request certificate of analysis and certificate of authenticity. Dosage for Jiaogulan was discussed above. Otherwise, use the allometric equivalent of a human product or start with 15,000 mg (15 grams) per day, up to 30,000 mg/day.


Eleanor Kellon, VMD
Staff Veterinary Specialist


Karen (HolisticHorse.com) more than 4 years ago

Jiaogulan in Glycocemic EQ

As indicated in your response dosage of Jiaogulan can start with 15,000 mg per day up to 30,000 mg/day. Glycocemic EQ provides 4000mg in a 2 scoop/daily dose. So looks like I can buy Jiaogulan separately and increase the dose to achieve the desired response. Is this correct?

Janet Gerl more than 3 years ago

Adaptogen Amounts

Where do you purchase the Adaptogen, is it by Rx only by a vet, and how much do you give? Is it based on the weight of the horse?

Kathie Judy more than 5 years ago

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