Question about Feeding Sulfur to Horses

I then read your short blip on feeding sulfur for parasite control. I am having trouble finding sulfur to buy.

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a few 'comes to mind'

Sulfer is NOT an amino acid, that should read Sulfer is a major constituent of several essental amino acids. The water miscilble gardening sulfer that I use for compost heap, available here is 99% sulfer, Sulfer is the 8th most abundant element in the body. Adding sulfer to the diet feeds gut bacteria that creating poweful natural antibiotics custom made for the environment called YOU.

Arnie Lerma more than 6 years ago

Not An Amino Acid

I noticed, also, that she stated that sulfur is an amino acid. An amino acid is a compound. Sulfur is a basic element listed on the periodic table. That she stated sulfur is an amino acid makes me wonder if she's talking about something other than what I think she's talking about.

Kate more than 2 years ago

You can buy feeder sulfer at MFA stores.

You can buy feeder sulfur at MFA farm stores

nan proctor more than 6 years ago

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