Feet + Teeth = Posture & Performance

The Keys to Good Posture and Performance

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Very hard to figure out what the two photos are showing despite the captions Bottom one looks more parallel.

Shirley Mae Keller Verhoef more than 5 years ago


You are right Shirley about the photo. If you look at the incisor in the top photos they are strait, it's a lot more noticeable with the bottom teeth. Now look at the second image , the horse teeth have very subtle curve, look from the left towards the right. It's subtle but there, now look at the top one again hoe strait that is. Most vets do not address the front teeth when they perform dentistry if you can find a dental tech or a vet that those perform 3 point dentistry they will correct that for your horse. It makes a world of a deference. Hope that help!

Marie more than 5 years ago

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