Free Choice Forage: A More Thoughtful Approach to Laminitis

When dealing with a laminitic horse or pony, we’ve all heard this solution: “Lock them up and restrict their food intake.” Starvation has long been lauded as the only solution for managing founder, but can that method do more harm than good?

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When was the article "Free Choice Forage: A More Thoughtful Approach to Laminitis" published? I can't find a date.

Inge more than 4 years ago

Publish date

3/29/2017 online

Karen ( more than 3 years ago

Forage for IR horses

My IR mare has her own hayfiled, which we planted with timothy and orchard grass. It gets mowed at the end of the haying season in the morning. This hay has tested very low in sugar for three years now, so she gets to eat a lot, almost all the time. She has never been happier and her body condition is great. She is also in regular exercise. I realize not everyone has the opportunity to plant and mow their own field, but it is only four acres and keeps her in hay for well over a year per harvesting!

Dana Henry more than 4 years ago

Insulin resistant

Not sure I can buy this! My Haflinger with exercise (trail riding 28 miles a week, 6.5 miles in 1.5 hours) still gains tons of weight on NibbleNet hay bags if given too much hay. I give him the % he needs for his weight. If he starts getting too heavy again with all the hay he wants. He gets fat lumps under his skin and eventually his legs can even swell. Once his legs start to swell I know I am in a diabetic crisis! Now with hay weighed daily. Still same exercise and NibbleNet bags. Yes, he may have multiple hours a day with no hay. He is fit, trail rides miles a week, 100% sound with 55% angles on hooves and doing super. No ulsers or any issues for multiple years now!

Janine more than 4 years ago

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