GMO-Free Feed

An unnecessary option or a potential health boost for your horse?

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I've looked and couldn't find any

So where do you find organic non gmo feeds?

Debbie Gibson more than 5 years ago

GMO feed

Try crimped oats. Most are cheaper than processed feeds. Mine does very well on them.

Lisa more than 5 years ago

non gmo horse feed

If you are in California, King Feeds created Freedom Horse Feed..made with non-GMO ingredients and enhanced with pre and probiotics, diatomaceous earth, herbs and botanical and more. See the feed tag and find a dealer near you at

sandra brunet more than 5 years ago

GMO Free food

Triple crown has a new feed called.. Naturals!! I feed it to my horse and he loves it! It is organic and gmo free

Kimberly Hayward more than 5 years ago

Triple Crown

I think that while TC Naturals is non-gmo, I'm not so sure it is 100% organic. I looked at this product earlier this year and made an alternate decision to go with an organic whole feed that we feed along with Coolstance. Please correct me if I am wrong. Thanks.

Rene more than 5 years ago

GMO free horse feed

Cool Stance by Stance Equine....

Nancy more than 5 years ago

Cool Stance

We transitioned to CS and an organic whole feed some months ago from ration balancers and a high fat supplement. What a positive difference! For my stallion and my sugar-sensitive boy, and my gelding, I'm so glad we made their diets even healthier. I researched products for months and very slowly made the transitions in their diets. They're happy boys! :)

Rene more than 5 years ago

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