Grain and Morning Exercise

"It is not good for horses to be given grain before a workout of any kind." Jessica Jahiel

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No proof

Been training horses for 35yrs. Feed grain then exercise 1/2 hr later. No problem. Your mother was wrong about swimming to. You dont have to wait an hr before swimming. No scientific proof.

Dan more than 4 years ago

Grain & Exercise

I believe she is referring to individuals, some can some cant isn’t specific enough. I only ride maybe once a week, lounging and tricks in between only twice a week. My horse lacks muscle one would have if say ran everyday(moderate to heavy). I prefer the oldest ways on feeding:all the real food horses require instinctively. Our Hay isn’t always all that so she get alot of different hays when no grass! If worked hard more good hay. Its harder work but she is IR due to genetics but balancing what she gets has worked! Besides i have a problem with the processed foods now days. Only supplement i feed is Renew Gold, only started it so not totally convinced but no ill effect either.

Mary Sullivan more than 3 years ago

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