Herbs and Antibiotics

Over-use of antibiotics can be offset with historically-proven herbs

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My horse colicked yesterday and we have been giving him mineral oil and bran and electrolytes. But he is not peeing.

Can you recommend an herb or antibiotic for me to give him. Vet is on vacation. Thank you

Nicoletta Tripodes 332 days ago

Herbs and antibotics

Wonderful article. Mother Nature has provided it all for us to remain healthy, it can be simple and effective.
We have created a plague of diseases, yet when one knows mother natures ways, one can recover. Been there, done that. I have the utmost respect for the power of herbs in this day and age to overcome a multitude of dis-eases, we just need to listen to our own bodies and intuition. Do not be fearful.

Rosemary more than 3 years ago