Herbs: Medicine or Food?

Herbs are included in many horse supplements, so it is important to understand what actions they may have. Are they a medication or simply a food supplement?

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Equine loose stools & diarrhea

My horse, including several others in our boarding barn & horses in the general area have been affected by loose poo and squirting/diarrhea mixed with formed manure. I've had a fecal sample tested along with a blood panel done. All results negative. My horse is fed 3Xa day on 41/2 flakes Timothy with 1/2 a flake of alfalfa (will increase to 1 flake as he adjusts. He's also on BioSponge until the end of the week.Any recommendations to address his issues? The vets are at a loss. Thank you. Southern California dressage rider.

april adams more than 4 years ago


Hi, Just to let you know, our allergy respiratory herbal formula has helped horses with this problem.
you can check out our product @ horseshoeherbals.com

Therese more than 4 years ago

Aloe and marshmallow root

Hi, thanks to your article, I used a combination of aloe Vera and marshmallow root to prevent my horse from getting ulcers while taking bute for an extended period of time. I am sure that it helped and he never had a colic episode.

Katy Nichoalds more than 4 years ago

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