Herbs to Calm Gelding Acting Like a Stallion

Q: My friend's 26-year-old gelding has turned into a stallion! Major stallion behavior. She is looking for herbs to calm him down or at least suppress the testosterone. Do you have any suggestions?

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Equine calmers

Chill and Chill Ultra from Omega Alpha are also excellent choices.
A regular daily dose of Chill for anxiety or stress is best for long term needs. If using to reduce from trailering, blacksmith visits, separation anxiety or new surroundings then giving 1 hour before the stressful situation is best. Chill Ultra is a concentration of Chill with the added muscle relaxing benefit of Vitamin B1 and magnesium in a convenient travel tube.

Patti Hanco more than 2 years ago

Thanks Patti!

I have tried Omega Alpha Products and loved them.

Karen (HolisticHorse.com) 291 days ago